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Don't Sell Us Out to the Marijuana Industry.  It will be a decision that you'll definitely regret!

Lifting the ban on retail cannabis stores in Hermosa Beach comes with real, inescapable costs that diminish the well-being of our community.

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Here's the real deal.

Lifting the ban on retail cannabis in Hermosa Beach comes with

Forget about the nonsense and lies that the sponsors of Measure M want you to believe and learn the real costs to you, a concerned Hermosa Beach resident.

Measure M is being advertised as a revenue benefit to the city, but in reality it's devised by a single cannabis chain store owner to expand his chain into our city, for his own self interest, to enrich himself.


Real Deal


Measure M brings an increase in violent crime and creates less safe neighborhoods.


The LAPD (2022) dataset shows an almost two-fold increase in crime at L.A. dispensaries this year!


Dispensaries have cash and drugs which attract armed criminals who have no problem striking their targets even in the daytime.

You simply can't argue against the facts.   If you allow cannabis shops to operate in Hermosa Beach, violent crime will rise.

Less safe neighborhoods require more police and emergency services that need to be shifted from other parts of the city or new resources added.

Now, add to this, the other associated costs including city enforcement and you come away with a less safe city, with drained resources that you will pay for, only to support the cannabis sellers. 

That doesn't make a lot of sense, does it?

Do you want to trade your neighborhood's safety to benefit the this guy?  He doesn't live in our city and doesn't care about our well-being.


What about the financial costs to the city?

Great question!

Here's the deal, the cannabis chain owner wants you to believe that they will bring huge revenues to our 'cash-strapped city'.  

This, my fellow residents is
a huge lie!  

Measure M does not include a tax component.  So, expect that these dispensaries
will cost us money due to increased enforcement.  The city-sponsored tax measure has no minimum tax and will most likely be set at a 0% tax rate by a City Council sympathetic to the Cannabis industry.

Oh, also lawsuits, those beautiful lawsuits.  Yup, you can count on those when the cannabis retailers don't get their way.

Just look at what Pasadena has been dealing with - years of lawsuits from cannabis operators and hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars down the drain.  

Guess who
pays for the lawsuits?  Yep, you do.

And we aren't even counting the legalized (and felonious) political corruption that the marijuana lobbyist brings.  Yes it does happen.

Do you see where this trainwreck is headed?

Increased crime, less safe neighborhoods, and a financial burden, where you foot the bill.  

But wait, we aren't done yet, there are more costs to Hermosa Beach.

Financil Costs

Tell me about the public health dangers.

Studies show that having just one cannabis dispensary in your city causes usage among teenagers to increase, as well as acceptance and a sense of normalcy.

Additionally, increased impaired driving, not only leads to
more accidents but also poses a danger to pedestrians.  The proposed locations for the dispensaries  are in busy commercial zones that border residential properties.

Not only that, but there are several schools that are located in these zones, including The School of Dance and other private schools.

Conveniently, Measure M only singles out
public schools where dispensaries need to be located 1,000 ft away.  

Do you believe that marijuana dispensaries belong
next to Hermosa Beach schools?

the kind of people we are dealing with.  They don't care about our families or our community, but only to make it sound like they are taking protective actions.

This is just one more example of
lies promoted by the marijuana lobby to get their way at our expense.

Want to learn more about
their spin?  The chart below lays them out bare for all to see.

PublicHealt Dangers
This chart is ever-growing.  Did you spot more BS that needs to be added?  Just click the button below to submit your opinions.
Some call this tool, The Measure M Chart of Lies. We prefer to call it the Handy-Dandy Hermosa Beach Measure M Bullshit Detector.  
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