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Lots and lots of current news articles that detail recent crimes at cannibis retail shops.  

This is just some of the recent violent crime news.  Yes, it's scarry stuff.

There's kinda a lot of crime here folks!

Video shows car slamming into Tacoma pot shop.  Theives then shoot it out with guard.


Suspects ram car into Olympia pot shop during burglary; Police investigating

Los Angeles cannabis dispensary hit by smash-and-grab burglars

How the campaign to legalize retail cannabis in the South Bay turned into a 'knife fight'

New details show sprawling web of corruption in Southern California cannabis licensing

Report Regarding Policy, Safety, and Health Considerations Related to the Cannabis Industry- Sponsored Initiative (Measure M) October 11, 2022

1 killed in shooting at Tarzana dispensary

Los Angeles man shot dead at marijuana dispensary in Windsor Hills

Crime Targeting L.A. cannabis dispensaries hit an all-time high

New rash of California marijuana robberies threaten survival of businesses

Cannabis Dispensary Robbery Facts and Statistics

Deadly Pot Shop Robberies Underline the Need for Marijuana Banking Reform While the Senate Dithers

1 Worker Dead, 1 Wounded In Armed Invasion Robbery At Oakland Cannabis Business

Armed men rob cannabis facility in Adelanto after attacking, holding guard at gunpoint

LAPD officers chase, arrest suspects after marijuana-plant robbery

Headlines: Downtown dispensary robbed 2 weeks after opening

Marijuana dispensary near Pasadena robbed by multiple suspects

Man Shot During Robbery at Medical Marijuana Clinic NR10038rf

Former Cop Sentenced in Cannabis Warehouse Robbery

Video shows deadly shootout during botched robbery; LASD asks for help finding more suspects

At least 1 arrested after stolen pot bins fall onto L.A. roadway

Do marijuana dispensaries increase neighborhood crime? - CU Denver News,crime%20and%20disorder%2C%20including%20robbery%20and%20aggravated%20assault.


A spike in crime at cannabis dispensaries


Pot may be legal, but crime at dispensaries is rising

Downtown LA: Video shows thieves pulling front gate with car during break-in at

Downtown LA: Video shows thieves pulling front gate with car during break-in at Green Qween cannabis dispensary on Broadway - ABC7 Los Angeles

Legal pot spawned a wave of corruption, threats and secret financial deals for politicians


California Police ‘Are Letting’ Legal Marijuana Business Get Robbed, Cannabis Industry Claims

California Officials Say Marijuana Legalization Causing More Violent Crime

Legal marijuana stores lead to increases in property crime 

Do marijuana dispensaries increase neighborhood crime?

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